Description of pre-hospital stroke unit, discussion of ultrasound for elevated ICP in the setting of ICH, and list of potential antidotes for certain NOACs.
System-based list of diseases of particular concern to HIV-Infected adults, including those caused by medication side-effects.
Assessment of ventilation of intubated patient. List of possible problems and how to fix them.
An easy way to detect pedal pulse using ultrasound.
Ultrasound showing regional wall motion abnormalities in a patient with chest pain
What are cardiac causes of pediatric chest pain? Drs. Delphine Huang and Sonny Tat provide details. Expert peer review by Dr. Peter Dean.
Assessing radiation risk in children getting CT imaging: Managing risk and making medical decisions
This article discusses diagnostic modalities for diagnosing appendicitis in cases when the ultrasound finding is inconclusive.
Older adults are at high risk of poor outcomes from even minor head injuries. The CDC has called traumatic brain injuries a ‘silent epidemic’. The first steps to breaking that silence are awareness and recognition.
Fentanyl and its non-pharmaceutical analogs are increasingly abused in the growing opioid epidemic problem in the U.S. and Canada. A review of the landscape.
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