Target lesions are important to know about as some are indicative of serious things.
Ways to recognize shock other than through blood pressure.

Frenulum Tear - Peds

Trauma Pediatrics Blog Post Learning Time: 15mins / 0.25CME
How to repair a frenulum tear and other intra-oral injuries.
How to drain an abscess using loop drainage.
When to use absorbable sutures for primary wound closure.
Information about a rare condition important for you to know if a patient with ALPACA ever comes to your ED.
Ogilvie Syndrome is also known as colonic pseudo-obstruction. Here is a good refresher on this condition.
All about epididymitis in children, including when and when not to give antibiotics.
A pelvic avulsion fracture is important to recognize in children and also know how to treat.
A rare condition but easy to miss, here is important information about CVT.
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