A case based review of the basics of Mesenteric Ischemia.
Review of the blakemore tube for severe refractory variceal bleeding
Short video on reading abdominal CT scan in cases of suspected appendicitis. Goes over both making the diagnosis and appendicitis mimicks.
BoringEM Question about the usefulness of plain abdominal films for diagnosing bowel obstruction. A quick review of the data.
What is Intussuception? Pemblog provides the basics of an Intussuception presentation. Be sure to check out part 2 and 3 of their intussuception series for diagnosis and treatment.
Part three of the intussusception series shines the light on management and recurrence risk
A review of the presentation, diagnosis and treatment of acetaminophen/paracetamol toxicity.
A review of the management of Acute Liver Failure
A review of the differential for acute liver failure and a few initial management pearls.

Chylous Ascite

Liver http://marylandccproject.org Blog Post Learning Time: 15mins
A review of the presentation, diagnosis and treatment of the rare clinical entity that is Chylous Ascities.
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