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... adamkr_em Resuscitation in Sepsis: How much is too much? 25 days
Summary: anterior cord - rare central cord - arm problem, probably will miss on imaging brown-seqard - half the column, things switched 'spinal shock' - treat the shock gargn Guide to Spinal Cord Syndromes 1310 days
Fixed! bazan Distal Radial Fractures 1403 days
Link is broken- any way we could repost with proper link? angelaschen Distal Radial Fractures 1403 days
Nice summary! I would had, regarding the first point in the post, that Head CT for syncope patients is also low yield. It should be considered mainly in patients with complaints of headache, focal neurologic findings/complaints, or signs of head trauma. bazan Syncope, Answers 1404 days
patients presenting with syncope should get troponin if cardiac risk factors, chest pain, or other significant comorbidities concerning for ACS or cause of syncope related to demand ischemia (PE, ICH, etc). Orthostatic measurements are low yield in syncope patients. Near-Syncope should not be treated differently from syncope woods Syncope, Answers 1404 days
But honestly, when was the last time you did a DPL? Does any major trauma center really follow these guidelines? Maybe it's just my shop but it tends to be Unstable -> OR // Stable US+ -> OR vs. further imaging // Stable US- -> further imaging. bazan Primer on Blunt Abdominal Trauma 1674 days
Here is an update from smarten on this same topic. bazan Thrombolytics for Acute Stroke 1992 days
Part II of the smartem upper GIB tackles bleeding from esophageal varices and the use of octreotide. bazan Upper GI Bleed: PPI 1993 days
Here is a follow up podcast regarding LPs and SAH: bazan Subarachnoid Hemorrhage: A Rational Approach 1993 days
Here is part II: bazan Needle Cricothyrotomy vs. Bougie Cricothyrotomy? 1994 days
Here is Part II: Here is Part III: bazan Severe Sepsis by Dr. Emanuel Rivers 1994 days
Video demonstrating the technique for diagnosing posterior stroke. bazan Diagnosis of Posterior Stroke 2022 days
This is the second part of the procedural sedation lecture by EM Crit: bazan Procedural Sedation 2022 days
Here is the second part of the emcrit dominating the vent lecture bazan Dominating the Vent 2022 days
emcrit post on bougie-aided cricothyrotomy: bazan Open Cricothyrotomy 2022 days
Here is the awake intubation video: bazan Awake Intubation 2023 days
Here is the second part of the interview: bazan Avoiding Resuscitation Medication Errors – emcrit 2023 days
Part 2 of the interview with Stephen Bernard. bazan Post-Cardiac Arrest Care in 2013 with Stephen Bernard 2025 days
Here is a follow up post interviewing one authors: bazan The Targeted Temperature Trial Post Arrest 2029 days
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