How to assess for endotracheal tube depth in pediatric patients.
Difficult pediatric airway tips.
Evidence based overview of the Indications for Bi-Level Ventilation
Instructions for using face mask capnography for monitoring breathing in patients.
An argument for why Rocuronium should be the go to drug for RSI in the ED.
An update on awake intubation and blind nasotracheal intubation with a discussion of the needed supplies, various techniques, complications, and modifications.
Basic of Direct vs. Video Laryngoscopyin 10 Minutes by Dr Reuben Strayer
An amazing real surgical airway case, preformed by Dr. Ram Parekh with comments by Dr. Scott Weingart.
Scott Weingart & Walter Himmel discuss preoxygenation, apneic oxygenation & delayed sequence intubation for the community ED physician on EM Cases
Get up close on personal with Richard Levitan’s upper airway in this demonstration of fiberoptic intubation. Recorded at SMACCGold 2014.
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