How to make sure you are making the most of your EKG reading skills.
5 ischemic EKG patters all EM physician should know.
Patient presents with sudden onset SOB with ST Elevations on EKG. Dr. Smith gives a great walkthrough of the EKG, Echo, and some pearls on why some STEMIs need further investigation.
Syncope, pre-syncope? A great case highlighting the importance of keeping a close eye on the QT interval.
A middle aged F presents with burning chest pain, described as 'atypical'. How the terminal QRS can assist in differentiating Pericarditis vs LAD occlusion.
30 year old AA M presents agitated with active chest pain. T wave inversions are seen on initial ECG. Dynamic ECG changes 2 hours later are concerning. Dr. Smith discusses the possibility of Wellen's syndrome vs benign changes.
A 40 year old M presents with chest pain and diffuse ST elevation. A discussion of ACS vs. Pericarditis.
Hyperacute T-waves in middle aged male complaining of chest pain.
The Boring Guide to ECG's discussion of fascicular blocks.
A great case based review of how to correlate EKG findings to echocardiographic findings in ischemia.
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