Hyperkalemia Management: Preventing Hypoglycemia From Insulin
Dr. Melanie Baimel and Dr. Ed Etchells describe a step-wise approach to the management of hyponatremia in the ED, the use of hypertonic saline, DDAVP & more
A review of the symptoms, causes and ECG features of hypocalcemia.
Review of managing hyperkalemia with ECG changes - a must know for every emergency physician.
An in depth review of the causes, symptoms and treatment of hypercalcemia.
A bullet point review of the causes, symptoms and ED treatments of hypercalcemia.
A review of the causes and treatment of Hyponatremia as well as a discussion about various IV fluids and their composition.
A look into how one can replete potassium in the critically hypokalemic patient.
Review of the EKG changes and treatment for hyperkalemia.
Video cast reviewing the manifestations of hypokalemia on ekg.
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