How to help little ones who have wound up with an electrical injury.
Hyperthermia affects children in a potential lethal way. Understand the pathophysiology and treatment from this post.
This article discusses who should be treated with Anascorp antivenom and what the doses should be.
Talk was given by Jay Lemery in May 2015 when he came out from Denver for Grand Rounds at NYU/Bellevue
Evaluation and Management of Heat Stroke by Dr. Katherine Li and expert peer review by Dr. Sara Nelson

Basics of Burns

Heat Related Illness   Blog Post + Podcast Learning Time: 40mins
Basic of burns, with a note on airway burns.
A review of the approach to minor burns and a short discussion of the use of Silver Sulfadiazine.
An overview of the basics of classification and treatment of frostbite.
A review paper and summary going over the often feared in flight medical emergencies.

Approach to Drowning

Drowning Videocast Learning Time: 5mins
A 6 minute presentation on the approach to the drowning patient. Author: Katie Greger, M.D.
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