Information about which anticoagulated head trauma patients need admission and which do not.
What do for patients with linear skull fractures.
Older adults are at high risk of poor outcomes from even minor head injuries. The CDC has called traumatic brain injuries a ‘silent epidemic’. The first steps to breaking that silence are awareness and recognition.
This episode of CRACKCast covers head injury seen in the emergency department. This episode covers a spectrum of head injuries seen in the emergency department along with appropriate management.
A review of concussion in sports: diagnosis, management, imaging indications, and disposition.
An easy way to diagnose skull fractures in kids without exposing their brains to CT radiation
A great summary of the latest recommendations for concussion patients, including screening, management, anticipatory guidance and followup.
What to do when your patient who got hit in the head starts seizing?
EM Lyceum takes a close look at evidence-based practices for bleeding inside the brain.
Case studies and the American Association of Neurological Surgeons Guidelines
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