Helpful tool for ED diagnosis of Achilles tendon rupture
Cased based overview of how to undertake an US guided posterior tibial nerve block
An overview of the basics of musculoskeletal US, with links to further reading/FOAM on the topic.
A review of both periferral and central access augmented with Ultrasound. How-tos, pittfalls, tips.
PV Card: Skin and Soft Tissue Ultrasound in this Paucis Verbis card series. Card by Drs. Alissa Genthon, Patricia Henwood, and Mike Stone
An easy way to diagnose skull fractures in kids without exposing their brains to CT radiation
How ultrasound-guided hematoma block can help win your fantasy football championship

Hip Ultrasound

Hip MSK Ultrasound Blog Post Learning Time: 5mins
A brief overview of hip ultrasound in the ED, including diagnosis of effusions & arthrocentesis.
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