Simple techique describing how to use gauze roll to make a finger trap which can help in closed reduction of fractures and dislocations.
ALiEM Trick of the Trade: Extra-oral technique [with video] for reduction of an anterior mandible dislocation by Dr. Kara Toles.  
Blog post and video going over the approach to TMJ Dislocation Reduction.
An overview of how to measure compartment pressures with a stryker needle and a an A line set up.
Trick of the Trade: Captain Morgan technique for hip dislocation from Academic Life in Emergency Medicine.
Watch this video to learn all you need to know to tap a knee.

Sugartong Splint

Splints Videocast Learning Time: 10mins
Step by step instruction of how to place a fiberglass sugartong splint. This type of splint is used for management of distal radius/Colles' fractures.
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